Donald Trump Warns GOP Rivals: “Everybody Who Attacks Me is Doomed”

Donald Trump warned his rivals in a Wall Street Journal interview that was published this morning to be careful with their words,
“Everybody who attacks me is doomed.”

The Week reported:

Trump tells The Wall Street Journal that his campaign’s flexibility and lack of “political hacks” is a big key to his soaring poll numbers. After a summer of free media and little substance, “Trump is entering the phase of the campaign cycle in which previous early GOP sensations have either faded or crashed,” says The Journal’s Monica Langley, and his rival are sharpening their knives.

“I hope they attack me, because everybody who attacks me is doomed,” Trump said, adding that the calls from his competitors and the press for policy papers and detailed proposals is a reflection on the insider nature of politics. “People don’t care about seeing plans,” he said. “They have confidence in me.” Still, Trump says he is putting together a corporate-style national organization, relying on “phenomenal people in every field” instead of the regular political consultants.

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