DONALD TRUMP the ‘Liberal Media Dragon Slayer’ Billboard Goes Up in Colorado

Donald Trump the “PC Muslim Marxist Media” Dragon Slayer billboard went up in Colorado recently.

The billboard depicts Trump slaying the corrupt US mainstream media.
How apropos.
ABC 7 Reported:

A Donald Trump billboard on the Western Slope is getting a lot of attention.

The billboard depicts Donald Trump in an armor suit fighting a dragon that says, “PC Muslim Marxist Media.”

Trump’s suit says “Make American Great Again.”

The billboard is 10 feet high and 20 feet wide and is attached to a building just south of the US 50 bridge over the Colorado River on route to Orchard Mesa, near Grand Junction.

The billboard owner, Arvid Mosnes, told KJCT-TV that the depiction highlights how the heavily influenced media has ruined this country.

“Freedom of speech is everything, and that’s why I really put the media in there, it’s politically correct Muslim Marxist influence media,” Mosnes told the TV station.

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