The Democratic Party is so desperate to protect Hillary Clinton and install her as their 2016 candidate that they’re planning a limited number of primary debates. That’s not sitting well with some people on their own side.

Leftists who protested outside Democrat headquarters in DC yesterday got roped off.

The Washington Examiner reported:

DNC ropes off protesters demanding more debates

The Democratic National Committee roped off a group of a hundred disgruntled Democrats protesting outside party headquarters over what they see as a bias in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Standing behind a taped off line, preventing the protestors from entering the premise of the party’s main offices. The crowd held signs, played bongos and chanted, “Hey Debbie Wasserman Schultz, we’re gonna call a protest to get results!” or “No more GOP hate, we want more debate!”

After a few chants and songs, a DNC staffer reached over the rope line to collect the petition assembled by Martin O’Malley campaign and the protesters calling for more than six debates. The former Maryland governor has focused his campaign on calling for more than six debates in the Democratic primaries.

“I think the debates will be important and raise everyone’s visibility,” O’Malley communications director Lis Smith said. “The protest isn’t about [O’Malley]. It’s about changing the process.”

Remember back in 2012 when Joe Biden said Republicans are ‘Going to Put Y’all Back in Chains’ and everyone in the liberal media nodded in agreement?

Good times.


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