Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin: Establishment Media Wants to Take Down Trump, Prop Up Carly (AUDIO)

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Conservative talk show host and author Mark Levin has a theory on why the liberal media is lavishing Carly Fiorina with praise. They want to take down Trump. He’s the GOP leader and must be destroyed.
IJ Review reported:

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin said on his show Tuesday that he believes the fix is in to oust real estate mogul Donald Trump as the highest-polling GOP candidate for President.

Speaking on his program, which works as a staple for Tea Party conservatives, Levin said there is a “national media love fest” for Carly Fiorina, which he believes was devised prior to the second primary debate last week:

I believe establishment media were poised to declare Carly Fiorina a victor. A victor over Trump. They wanna take down Trump. If Bush can’t do it then they hope last week Kasich could do it. If Kasich can’t do it, they want Fiorina to do it. But they wanna take down Trump.”

Levin continued:

“They figure that ‘we’ll take down Trump and we’ll deal with what’s left. We’ll deal with Cruz or whomever else but right now Trump is their front leader. He’s the frontrunner. He’s gotta go.

Here’s the audio:

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