CNN Just Happens to Choose Two Openly Gay Journalists to Moderate First Democrat Debate

The first Democrat presidential debate is scheduled for October 13th and will be steeped in identity politics. By sheer coincidence, CNN has chosen Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, the network’s two openly gay journalists to moderate.

Joe Concha reports at Mediaite:

CNN Benches Tapper, Curiously Opts for Cooper, Lemon for Democratic Debate Instead

Anderson Cooper.

Don Lemon.

When you see those two names, what do you think of?

Cooper: Best served in the field during big breaking news. Great work during Katrina (which took his career to another level). Love his stuff on 60 Minutes (the swimming with crocodiles package was compelling bordering on insanity). His 8:00 PM show is pretty good, fairly generic in format and the interviews solid.

Lemon: Best served when doing cultural stories, primarily those involving race or celebrity indiscretions. In CNN’s world, has grown the most in terms of brand awareness and name recognition in the past few years. Can serve as anchor, host or pundit (triple-threat). Best bet to get his own network daytime talk-show. Stirs controversy with commentary but not simply for the sake of stirring controversy. Agree or disagree, he appears to be authentic, isn’t PC and is honest in his convictions.

All of that said, you know what doesn’t come to mind?


Cooper and Lemon will be joined by Dana Bash and Carlos Lopez of CNN en Espanol.

So, two gay men (one of them also a black man), a woman and a Hispanic.

No blatantly political choices there, nosiree.

Here’s the funny part: The moderators will be more diverse than the candidates.



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