Castro Praises Pope For Using Global Warming to Spread Communism

Communist tyrant Raul Castro praised Pope Francis on Saturday for his calls to save the planet from global warming and capitalism.

Castro hopes the global community will heed the pope’s words and move away from free market systems.

The Washington Post reported:


Francis’s popularity in Cuba remains sky-high among Catholics and non-Catholics, who credit him with helping mend relations with the United States.

This has left the Cuban government potentially more exposed to public criticism from Francis than any of his predecessors. Raúl Castro praised the pope once more Saturday for his calls to safeguard the planet from climate change and address global inequality. “As His Holiness has rightly indicated,” Castro said, “humanity should become aware of the necessity to change lifestyles as well as production and consumption patterns.”

Such sentiments hew close to the communist Castros’ view that global capitalism preys on the Earth’s natural resources and the world’s poor.

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