BUSTED: Virginia Democrat Lies Repeatedly About His Military Service on Camera

Another lying Democrat…
For years Democrat Gary McCollum said he was a Major with the US Army Rangers Reserve.
It is a lie.

He got out of the military in 2001.

Today McCollum lied about his service twice in a TV interview.
WAVY.com reported:


In Gary McCollum’s literature for State Senate it reads, “He served with the U.S. Army Rangers and is currently a Major in the Army Reserve.”

One big problem with that, our 10 on Your Side Investigation found McCollum is not currently a Major in the Army Reserve and he was discharged from the Army in September 2001.

We’ve been working this story for a week, and interviewed McCollum about the discrepancy Tuesday morning at his campaign office.

Here is part of that exchange you will tonight only on WAVY News 10, beginning at 4.

WAVY: “Sir with all due respect, you are not currently a major in the U.S. Army Reserve and you continue to tell people you are. All of the literature on the Cox Communications website says you are currently a major in the U.S. Army Reserve, and sir you are not.”

McCollum: “Well I am not going to get into the discussion…I am in the Reserve.”

WAVY: “You are not a major in the U.S. Army Reserve, you are not right?”

McCollum: “I am a Major in the Reserve, and the issue for me is all about leadership.”

10 On Your Side confirmed through a primary source that what McCollum was stating was not true, and then got a second source confirmation.

Local Republicans are calling on McCollum to drop out of his senate race.

September 15, 2015 – Richmond, VA – The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) statement on news Democrat State Senate candidate Gary McCollum repeatedly lied about his military record:
“Our active military and reservists put their lives on the line for this great Country” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “No area knows this better than the people of Virginia Beach and today’s revelation in The Virginia Pilot that 7th District Candidate, Democrat Gary McCollum has been falsifying his biography and his military record is repulsive. Falsely claiming to be a Major in the Army Reserves is an insult to veterans and automatic disqualification for public office.”
House of Delegates member Scott Taylor, a former US Navy SEAL and Iraq War veteran, added, “One’s time in Army service is enough.  It appears that that the news about Mr. McCollum being separated from the Army since 2001 is true.  I’m disappointed and disgusted that McCollum would claim to be in the Army, during war, currying favor in business and politics on the backs of those who really did serve since 9/11.  Those in Virginia Beach and elsewhere do not look kindly on stolen valor.”
Whitbeck concluded, “The Republican Party of Virginia calls on Mr. McCollum to withdraw from the race immediately.”
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