British Theater Renames “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” Because ‘Dwarf’ Is Too Offensive

A theater in Leicester, England will rename their production of Snow White this year because “dwarf” is too offensive.
snow white
Snow White and her seven friends of various heights.

The theater will hire child actors instead of professional short actors.
National Review reported:

Monfort Hall in Leicester, England, has announced that there will be no dwarves in its Snow White Christmas pantomime because the word “dwarf” is too offensive.

The production will be called “Snow White and her Seven Friends” and feature child actors as the “friends,” according to an article in the Leicester Mercury.

Despite the fact that that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been around for approximately 9 million years, a spokeswoman for the theater insisted to the Mercury that the word “dwarf” is “generally not a word that people feel comfortable with” and that the play had to be changed.

But Warwick Davis, a dwarf actor who has appeared in movies including Harry Potter and Star Wars, told the Mercury that he’s suspicious of that explanation:

“The profit margins for pantos are not very big and it’s obviously much cheaper to involve schoolchildren than it is to pay lots of professional short actors,” he said.

Davis also said that, as a dwarf, he found the decision to eliminate dwarfs to be far more offensive than the word could ever be.

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