British Prime Minister Wants UN’s New Socialist Global Goals Taught To Children Around The World (VIDEO)


On Friday, all member states of the United Nations (U.N.), including the United States, officially adopted the new U.N. Sustainable Development goals. These new “Global Goals“, created under the guise of eradicating poverty and fighting Climate Change, are founded upon the Socialist principles of universal healthcare, universal employment, universal education, and wealth redistribution, all of which must be completed by 2030.

Last week, around the same time the U.N. released a T-shirt in an effort to brainwash children into supporting the new Socialist agenda, British Prime Minister David Cameron released a video supporting the new goals. The video was sent to teachers all around the United Kingdom as apart of the U.N.’s propaganda campaign aimed at children called, “The World’s Largest Lesson.”  The World’s Largest Lesson is an effort to have the new Socialist Global Goals taught to children in schools all over the world. And the Prime Minister believes so strongly in the goals, that not only should his children be taught them in school, but so should children around the world:

“The world has come together and set out some of the most ambitious goals in history: to end extreme poverty, to protect the planet, to tackle corruption and poor government, all by the year 2030. We’ve got the will. We’ve got the support, 192 countries signed up.

Now we need the commitment of the next generation. I hope children throughout the country, and throughout the world, will learn about these bold aims. I want my own children to come home from school and talk about the fight to end poverty.


Because the next generation is going to be the one to achieve it. And that all starts here with the World’s Largest Lesson.”

Video below:

David Cameron needs your help with the World’s Largest Lesson from World’s Largest Lesson on Vimeo.

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