BREAKING: Sarah Palin Will Join Donald Trump and Ted Cruz at ‘Stop Iran Deal’ Protest in DC

Sarah Palin announced Sunday night that she will be joining Donald Trump and Ted Cruz at the Stop the Iran Nuclear Deal rally in Washington DC on September 9th.
palin trump cruz

Sarah Palin made the announcement on Facebook Sunday night:

Think about it – what the heck are we even doing “negotiating” with an evil regime hellbent on destruction? The whole premise of this thing is wrong. It’s a long haul to D.C. for the rally but well worth it to take a stand against this asinine deal the President caved on. Our sworn enemy proclaiming, “Allah Akbar, death to America and death to Israel” still holds American hostages, boasts of using the $150 billion dollars we just freed up for them for nefarious uses, and laughs all the way to the banks of the Persian Gulf and beyond. Washington will hear the voices of “We The People” unified against this insanity. I look forward to joining Mr. Trump, Sen. Cruz, Mark Levin and other fed up patriots to rally the troops for America.
– Sarah Palin

Read more about the rally here – hope to see you there:

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