Breaking: Rick Perry Drops Out of Presidential Race

latrell twins rick perry
Governor Rick Perry from Texas dropped out of the presidential race toda.
Perry made this announcement in St. Louis at the Eagle Forum on Friday afternoon.
Bloomberg reported:

Rick Perry on Friday became the first presidential candidate to drop out of the unprecedentedly crowded 2016 presidential field, in the latest indication of how devalued political experience has become in a race where anti-establishment candidates have surged to the fore.

The former Texas governor, a once-formidable fundraiser who had the most executive experience in the field, pulled the plug on his campaign a little more than three months after entering the race, taking a few parting shots at the Republican presidential front-runner as he did..

“Today I am suspending my campaign for the presidency of the United States,” the former Texas governor said at the Eagle Forum in St. Louis, Missouri.

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