Update: All 3 Suspects Still at Large in Shooting Death of IL Police Officer Charles J. Gliniewicz

UPDATE: At a press conference held just before 4 p.m. CDT, a police spokesman said all three suspects are still at large.

CNN is reporting a suspect has been arrested in the shooting death Tuesday morning of a Fox Lake, Illinois policeman. Police have since contradicted that report.

Fox Lake Police WLS
Screen image via WLS-TV.


“Authorities involved in a manhunt after Tuesday’s shooting death of a police officer in Lake County, Illinois, have one suspect in custody, Illinois State Police Sgt. Matt Boerwinkle said Tuesday afternoon.”

…”The shooting happened about 10 minutes before 8 a.m., according to the sergeant. The slain officer worked for Fox Lake Police, a community of about 60,000 people in Lake County, about 60 miles north of Chicago.

“The officer radioed that he was pursuing three suspects on foot, according to Cavelli.

“The officer described them as two white men and one black man, he told CNN. Radio communication dropped off and backup officers were sent. They found the officer with a gunshot wound. He was a 32-year veteran of the police force, CNN learned from a law enforcement.”

Charles Joseph Gliniewicz LCSO
Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, photo Lake County Sheriff’s Office via NBC.

The Daily Herald reported the slain officer has been identified.

“Lake County Undersheriff Raymond Rose identified the dead police officer as Charles J. Gliniewicz, a more than 30-year veteran of the force. Gliniewicz, who headed the department’s Explorer Post among other duties, was married and the father of four children.”

WGN reported earlier the slain officer had stayed on one month past his scheduled retirement at the request of the outgoing Fox Lake police chief.

“The officer was a long-time lieutenant with the Fox Lake Police Department. Sources tell WGN he was supposed to retire last month but the chief — who stepped down — asked him to stay on for one more month. He was involved in several youth programs in the area, and had a wife and four children.”

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