BOOM! Millennials Choose Donald Trump 3-1

More good news for businessman Donald Trump.
Millennials choose Trump 3-1.

NewsMax reported:

Donald Trump is holding his lead for the GOP nomination, including by 3-1 among millennials, but younger voters may start turning away from the real estate mogul as the election progresses, according to pollster John Zogby.

“Millennials prefer problem-solvers and cutting to the chase,” acording to Zogby Analytics. “And like all Americans they do not hate billionaires.”

However, he continued, “young people want solutions and consensus, too. This is a group that favors teamwork over individual braggadocio, achievement over bombast, and getting a job done without yelling. This all suggests that Mr. Trump will also fade into the woodwork, at least among younger voters.”

According to Zogby’s latest poll of 250 millennial voters, ages 18-34, Trump leads with 25 percent support, followed by:
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, 9 percent;
Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and Texas Sen.Ted Cruz, 8 percent;
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, 7 percent;
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, 5 percent;
18 percent, undecided.

Among young men:
Trump leads Bush 28 percent to 13 percent;
Rubio, 7 percent;
Cruz, 9 percent;
Walker, 8 percent;
Rubio, 7 percent;
Carson, 6 percent.

And among young women:
Trump has 22 percent to 11 percent for Carson;
8 percent for Cruz;
Walker and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, 6 percent.

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