Bobby Jindal Unloads on Trump – 16 Insults in One Op-Ed

Bobby Jindal Thinks a Pile of Insults Will Save His Flailing Campaign
perry jindal
This latest editorial on Trump is really beneath him.

It’s clear Governor Jindal has given up on anything that would resemble a high road, Christian intellectual’s campaign, highlighting his accomplishments and conservative credentials. It looks like he’s decided to hurl insult after insult instead.

In a CNN op-ed today Bobby Jindal unloaded, once again, on Donald Trump.


In today’s screed he piles on both Trump and Cruz with all the seriousness and intellectual heft, not to mention Christian charity, of a drunken sailor.

We’ve saved you the trouble of wading through Bobby’s string of insults, masquerading as a CNN op-ed today, by listing them here:

** Shallow
** Unserious
** Substance-free
** Narcissistic
** Egomaniac (2)
** Not intellectually curious
** (Self-serving atheist – implied)
** Narcissist
** Insecure
** Weak
** Afraid
** Kid
** Terrible statesman
** A madman who must be stopped (has Bobby ever applied this label to our lawless president?)
** A walking punchline

He also likens Ted Cruz to a reality show contestant and a “limpet [clinging] to an oil tanker”. Nuff said. To Bobby, bye Felicia.

It is telling that Republican candidates and GOP elites have never put up this much resistance to Obama.

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