#BlackLivesMatter Activist on MSNBC: Violent Anti-Cop Chants Were PLAYFUL (VIDEO)

If #BlackLivesMatter activist Trahern Crews is to be believed, those “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” comments were just taken out of context:

HAYES: Do those activists, do you, do Black Lives Matter activists hate police officers?

TRAHERN CREWS: No, not at all. And I want to put that chant in context. We had a great demonstration that day. It was very exciting. It was so exciting that I think the police who were along escorting the marchers wanted to be a part of the march or a part of the demonstration. So on the way back, the officer leading the parade kept talking into his microphone and saying things to the crowd, like, stay off the medium [sic], do that, he was laughing and joking with the marchers, so then the marchers kind of started chanting that towards him. It was more playful than anything. So —

HAYES: So that was — you’re saying, that was in a playful context, that chant?

CREWS: Exact– at that particular demonstration, yes. That was. Because, and the officer was laughing and joking along with the protesters.

He said it on MSNBC so it must be true:

Read the full transcript at NewsBusters.



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