#BlackLivesMatter Activist Deray McKesson to Teach Course at YALE DIVINITY SCHOOL

This is definitive proof that the left has completely taken over academia.

Conservative speakers often get protested on college campuses but #BlackLivesMatter activist Deray McKesson is going to teach a course at Yale’s divinity school.

Campus Reform reported:


#BlackLivesMatter leader to teach Yale Divinity School course

Deray McKesson, one of the most vocal leaders of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, will be teaching a one credit course at Yale Divinity School this fall as a guest lecturer.

McKesson, whom the university describes as a “civil rights activist and social media leader” will teach a course titled “Transformational Leadership in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement,” as part of Yale Divinity School’s “ Transformational Leadership for Church and Society” program.

“A young leader of the Black Lives Matter Movement,” a syllabus for the course reads, “DeRay McKesson will present case studies about the work of organizing, public advocacy, civil disobedience, and social change, through both Leadership of Presence, and Leadership in the Social Media.”

Here’s a question for the first day of his class:

Which religion advocates chanting for the death of cops?


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