Black 13 Year-Old Blasts “Ignorant” Obama in Epic Rant After Muslim “Clock-Maker” Kid Gets White House Invite

Thirteen year-old CJ Pearson went off on Obama after the far left president invited a Muslim student to White House after his arrest.

“Mr President, what are your priorities here. Because I think you’re ignorant. I think you’re incompetent and I think you’re not understanding reality here.”

From the mouths of babes–
Infowars reported:

A black middle schooler posted an epic video rant asking the president what his real priorities are, and pointing out a number of hard truths this week.

13-year-old CJ Pearson from Georgia focuses on the story of Obama inviting a muslim student to the White House after the kid was arrested in Texas for making a clock, which officials initially thought was a bomb.

Calling Obama “ignorant,” “incompetent” unable to grasp reality, Pearson notes that while the kid got an open invite from Obama, the families of gunned down cops and those killed by illegal immigrants are simply ignored.

“Mr. President, when Kate Steinle was gunned down by an illegal immigrant you didn’t do anything — you didn’t call the family or invite them to the White House. Is that okay? I don’t think so, Mr. President,” Pearson urges.

“And to go even further, Mr. President, when cops are being gunned down, you’re not inviting their families to the White House. You never did.” Pearson adds.

“But when a Muslim kid builds a clock? ‘Oh, come on by.’ What is this world you’re living in?” he asks the president.

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