Bill Maher on Ahmed the Clock Maker: HE DIDN’T INVENT ANYTHING! (VIDEO)

Bill Maher is a far left guy and even he admits that Ahmed, the Muslim teen from Texas didn’t invent anything. He also conceded that Ahmed’s “invention” looked exactly like a bomb.

Maher said:

I’m not anti-this kid, I hope he has a wonderful life but liberals who have glommed onto him as a mascot are ninnies. He did not invent anything.

Maher then shows a 10 second clip of someone doing what Ahmed did.

He didn’t invent a clock. He took the guts out of a clock radio that he bought at the store and put it in a pencil box! This is like pouring Cheerios into a bowl and claiming you invented cereal!

Watch the video:

Little Ahmed is being held up as a hero by the left out of political correctness.


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