BEYOND PARODY: Liberal Site Calls Miss Piggy a DOMESTIC ABUSER For Hitting Kermit The Frog

The New Republic used to be considered a respected journal of liberal thought but has degenerated into a parody of utterly humorless progressives.

Kermit the Frog apparently has a new muppet pig girlfriend and The New Republic has branded his old girlfriend Miss Piggy a domestic abuser because she sometimes hit him for comic effect.

This column defies parody:


Kermit Has a New Girlfriend? Good. His Last One Was a Domestic Abuser.

Kermit the Frog is moving on. After 40 years with Miss Piggy, he’s got a new, svelter, blander, girlfriend named Denise—who is, somewhat improbably, also a pig. Reaction to the news has been mixed. Jezebel accused Denise of being a homewrecking hog, while The Guardian’s Megan Carpentier noted that Miss Piggy was always more interesting and accomplished than Kermit anyway. “Nowadays, Miss Piggy is a beloved feminist icon,” Carpentier declares, and “Kermit’s the behind-the-scenes wet noodle still whining about how hard it is to be green while picking up goodness knows how many of Hollywood’s near-infinite star-chasers.”

This is all in good fun, of course. But it’s interesting that much of the light-hearted gender analysis has focused on Kermit as a faithless two-timing patriarchal jerk. There’s been relatively little discussion of the most salient aspect of the now-terminated relationship: Piggy regularly beat up Kermit.

The article offers this classic clip as evidence:

Can you imagine going through life as an angry progressive looking for social justice problems everywhere?

How miserable they must be.


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