Bernie Sanders Promises That as President, He’ll Use Supreme Court to LIMIT FREE SPEECH

Whenever the Supreme Court makes a decision that progressives like, it’s the “law of the land.” Gay marriage, Obamacare, and abortion are sacred cows for the left.

Citizens United on the other hand, was a mistake that absolutely must be overturned and if Bernie Sanders is elected president, he’ll make sure it happens.

From CNN:


Bernie Sanders’ Supreme Court litmus test: Overturn Citizens United

Bernie Sanders said Monday that a commitment to getting big money out of politics would be his litmus test for Supreme Court nominees.

The Vermont senator and Democratic presidential contender told students at a University of Chicago Institute of Politics event that he wants to ban billionaires like conservative business moguls Charles and David Koch from influencing the outcome of elections.

“No nominee of mine to the United States Supreme Court will get that job unless he or she is loud and clear that one of their first orders of business will be to overturn citizens United,” Sanders said.

He was complaining about the 2010 ruling that lifted restrictions on outside groups’ spending on elections. Sanders has called for public financing of campaigns — which means candidates would get tax dollars to spend on their efforts but wouldn’t be allowed to raise and spend money otherwise.

Notice that Sanders never mentions George Soros, big unions or any of the rich Hollywood types who spend millions of dollars getting liberals elected.

What Sanders is really saying is that he intends to use the force of government to limit the free speech of the team he doesn’t like.

That’s what progressives want.

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