Bernie Sanders Admits He’ll Raise Taxes And CAN’T BALANCE THE BUDGET (VIDEO)

Wow. A moment of truth from Bernie Sanders. He’s finally gone on record, admitting that under President Sanders, taxes would assuredly go up and that he will also be unable to balance the budget. Who could have guessed?

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Sanders’ plans would cost the United States Another $18 Trillion Dollars.

Sanders disputes that figure.


Eric Scheiner of CNS News reported:

Bernie Sanders: My Budget Won’t Be Balanced; ‘Taxes Will Go Up’

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders says, if elected his first budget would not be balanced and “taxes will go up.”

Sanders was describing himself as a “deficit hawk” on Bloomberg Politics’ With All Due Respect when he was asked if he was president if the first budget he would submit would be balanced.

“No, no. Arguably you could not do that,” Sanders responded.

Watch the video:

If you think Obama is a fiscal disaster, just wait until you meet President Sanders.


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