Balti-Murder: Student Charged with Attempted Murder After BRUTAL Cafeteria Beatdown (Video)

A student at Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore has been charged with attempted murder in the brutal beatdown of a fellow student during lunch at the school cafeteria on Wednesday. The Baltmore City Public Schools issued a statement on Thursday.

Frederick Douglass High Fight Twitter
Image via Twitter.

“(Baltimore, MD)— A Frederick Douglass High School student sustained serious injuries to his face and
head yesterday following an altercation with a fellow student. The incident occurred at approximately
12:00 noon in the school cafeteria. School staff on duty in the cafeteria immediately intervened to
break up the altercation. The injured student was transferred to Shock Trauma. The suspect was taken
into custody by Baltimore City School Police and transported to the Department of Juvenile Services

“As of this morning, the victim is reported to be in stable condition and has been transferred to the
University of Maryland Medical Center.

“School police have been notified by the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office that the suspect was
transferred overnight from DJS to the Central Booking Intake Facility and has been charged as an adult
with attempted murder. The investigation is ongoing.”

Video posted to LiveLeak shows the victim went in to convulsions after being repeatedly punched in the head and then having his head stomped on after as he fell defenselessly to the floor.
(Warning on Very Violent Content)

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