ADVERTISERS DESERT THE VIEW For Making Fun of a Nurse in the Miss America Pageant

Recently on The View, two of the co-hosts made fun of Miss Colorado for wearing her nursing clothes in the Miss America pageant. The social media backlash for that was so great that advertisers began pulling away from the show.

It began with two companies but more followed:

Three more companies pull ads from ABC’s ‘The View’ for mocking nurses even after show tried to tamp down PR nightmare by welcoming health professionals to show

Get us some nurses — stat!

Three more companies pulled ads from ABC’s “The View” as the show tried to bandage a bleeding wound caused by backlash for mocking nurses — by trotting out more than 50 health care professionals on the Friday broadcast.

A day after two major advertisers suspended their ads, the daytime talk show welcomed nurses to talk about their lifesaving work — a naked bid to tamp down the PR nightmare that began after two panelists made fun of a Miss America contestant who wore scrubs and a stethoscope during the Sunday night pageant.

At the end of the segment on “The View” producers even trotted out 52 nurses on stage, some fresh off a 12-hour shift at NYU Medical Center, according to a spokesman for the nursing school.

The grand gesture did little to squelch the controversy.

Perhaps the hosts will think twice next time:



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