Why Is This Graphic Trump Assassination Header Allowed on Twitter?

Twitter is allowing a poster with the handle @ThaRealRO to use a header image that appears to show escaped Mexican drug cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman with a handgun aimed at the back of the head of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Trump was threatened last month by an “El Chapo”, the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, soon after he broke out of a Mexican jail.

trump header assassination

The header is from a cartoon that shows Trump with a shocked look on his face and his hands held high gazing back to a dark skinned, mustachioed man holding a handgun to the back of Trump’s head. The cartoon is captioned, “Everybody share this picture f*** Donald Trump.



The cartoon was tweeted earlier Tuesday evening by @ThaRealRO with the message, “Why hasn’t this Happened yet?” addressed to the Twitter handles of Trump and Latino comedian George Lopez. Neither responded to the assassination tweet as of this writing.

Donald Trump Twitter Assassination cartoon

The image of the gunman appears to be based on a photo of El Chapo from 2014 when he was recaptured from a previous prison escape.

El Chapo via BBC
Image source the BBC.

The Trump assassination header was highlighted by @ThaRealRO when he was making racist anti-white comments on Trump’s speech in Dubuque, Iowa Tuesday night.

“Look who’s behind Trump while he’s speaking. A bunch of CornHead Racists.”


“Look at my header bruh…..F*** you and that cornhead looking clown. #11millionAndNotStoppingAnytimeSoon”

In addition to the threat by “El Chapo”, Trump has also been the target of an atmosphere of violence incited by several Latino politicians, activists and even a car dealer with the use of Trump pinatas.

UPDATE: The Twitter account for @ThaRealRO has made changes since the publication of this article. The tweets were first ‘protected.’ Then the account name was changed to @Waxboyy512.

Twitter is still allowing the Trump assassination header for the account.

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