WATCH Hillary Clinton’s Incredibly Awkward Meeting With #BlackLivesMatter Activists

Guest post by Aleistar

hillary black lives matter nh

Hillary Clinton recently met behind closed doors with Black Lives Matter activists.
This was after she locked them out of her event in New Hampshire.
The videos have now been released and boy was it awkward.

Good Magazine reported:


Hillary Clinton to #BlackLivesMatter in Video, “I Don’t Believe You Change Hearts…”

As recently reported by various news outlets, Hillary Clinton held a closed-door session with five representatives from #BlackLivesMatter last week after the activists were refused access to a campaign event in New Hampshire. GOOD has obtained exclusive video of the exchange between the Democratic candidate and members of the Boston chapter of #BlackLivesMatter, where a somewhat defensive yet candid Clinton responds to several tough questions.

Here’s PART 1:
In this segment the protester explains to Hillary, “America’s first drug is free black labor and turning black bodies into profit.”

Watch the rest here at Progressives Today.

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