VIRAL VIDEO=> Trump Tops Hillary Clinton and “Deez Nuts” for President

deez nuts 2016

Trump tops Hillary Clinton and “Deez Nuts” in latest poll.
Yes, this was an actual news story this week–
trump hillary deez nuts
Only 9% of the public supported Deez Nuts.

A North Carolina poll found businessman Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton and “Deez Nuts” in the 2016 presidential race.

Reporters in North Carolina asked the public about the potential match-up between Trump, Hillary Clinton and Deez Nuts.
Deez Nuts is currently the top Independent candidate.


Reporters went out and asked locals about Deez Nuts.
Many of them liked the idea.

From the comments:

Senator Lindsey Graham can’t even beat DEEZ NUTS in the poles, and he has the nerve to bash Donald Trump….LOL!

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