Predictable: St. Louis Protest Mob Complains After Firefighters Won’t Put Out Fire Without Police Escort (Video)

Hundreds of protesters and locals took to the street Wednesday on Page and Walton after an 18 year-old man was shot by St. Louis police officers.
The suspect, Mansur Ball-Bey, was fleeing a crack house and fired on police before he was shot dead.

Here was the scene last night in North St. Louis—
gas stl

Protesters chucked water bottles and rocks at police during the riot.


The mob hurled bricks at the police.

The St. Louis Metro Police released their own video of attacks on police.
Protesters throwing rocks, bricks and water bottles at officers on Page & Walton 08/19/15

Late at night a car and buildings were set on fire on Page and Walton.

Firefighters refused to move in without police escort.
This upset the locals.

The community wanted firefighters but the situation was too dangerous.

There was a lot of outrage on Twitter that firefighters would not come put out the fire. It did not occur to them that the situation was too dangerous for firefighters without police escort. And now they want to blame the firefighters. It’s a continual spiral of violence and insanity.

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