VIDEO=> St. Louis Police Shooting Victim Mansur Ball-Bey Appeared in Gangsta Rap Videos With Guns

St. Louis police shot and killed a suspect Wednesday night during a raid on a crack house on Walton and Page in North St. Louis.
mansur ball bey
The suspect, Mansur Ball-Bey, reportedly pointed a gun at police before he was shot dead. (Daily Mail)

Mansur’s friends called him Man-Man.

mansur ball bey
Mansur Ball-Bey (twitter)


Local FOX 2 found video of the suspects in the shooting flashing guns in a rap video.

FOX 2 Now reported:

Two of the men named as suspects in Wednesday`s police confrontation appear in rap videos that feature lots of guns. Police sources confirm they`re investigating the videos, which someone has now taken offline.

Fox2 captured the videos before they were removed.

One rap video is called ‘Corleone- No Duckin We Buckin.’ Police say encountered two of the men featured, while serving a search warrant Wednesday afternoon.

Police shot and killed Mansur Ball-Bey and arrested Roderick Williams at a duplex on Walton Avenue, near Page.

You can see Ball-Bey, prominently in the videos, though he`s not seen with a weapon. Next to him you can see Williams, who`s constantly flashing a gun with an extended clip.

Three of the four guns recovered at the shooting were stolen.

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