VIDEO: Mob Loots St. Louis Beauty Supply Store in Protest of Police Killing of Mansur Ball-Bey

St. Louis police released store surveillance video of a mob of dozens of people looting Kings Beauty Supply, STL Custom Designs and Nail Spa during the August 19 riots protesting the police shooting of aspiring gangsta rapper Mansur Ball-Bey.

The video was posted to the YouTube channel of the St. Louis police.

Dozens of people are seen looting the store in the one-minute-fifty-two second video. Many of the looters took steps to conceal their identity.

The looting of the store went unreported at the time.

The video was posted Thursday with this message from the St. Louis police.

“Help us identify the individuals in this video!

“Relative to civil unrest occurring in the area of Walton and Page on 8/19, the front windows of Kings Beauty Supply, STL Custom Designs and Nail Spa, all located at 1330 Aubert, were shattered. Approximately 30-40 subjects then entered the businesses and took various cosmetic/hair products and items, jewelry and clothing.

This video depicts the suspects who entered Kings Beauty Supply.

Anyone with information on any of the individuals in the video is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS (8477).

CrimeStoppers posted screen grabs of some of the looters, some of which are posted below.

Kings Beauty Supply Looting 4 CrimeStoppers

Kings Beauty Supply Looting 7 CrimeStoppers

Kings Beauty Supply Looting 6 CrimeStoppers

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