VIDEO=> Hillary Clinton Refuses to Say Whether or Not She Wiped Her Server Clean

Today Hillary Clinton took a few questions from reporters at a campaign stop in Las Vegas.
hillary wiped server

Ed Henry from FOX News grilled the former Secretary of State on her email and server scandal. Henry asked her if she tried to wipe her entire server. Hillary wouldn’t answer the question.

Ed Henry: The FBI says you tried to wipe the entire server. Did you try to wipe, so that there would be no emails, no personal no official, wipe the whole thing?

Hillary Clinton: Well, my personal emails are my personal business. Right? So we went through a painstaking process and turned over 55,000 pages of anything we thought could be work related. Under the law, that decision is made by the official. I was the official. I made those decisions…

Ed Henry: Did you try to wipe the server?… Did you wipe the server?

Hillary Clinton: You mean like a cloth or something?… I don’t know how it works digitally at all.

So she released only the emails she wanted to. Then she deleted the rest and scrubbed the server clean.
There is absolutely no doubt that this woman believes she is above the law.

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