VIDEO=> Donald Trump: “Hillary Might Have to Get Out of Race… Megyn Kelly Probably Took Vacation Because of Me”

The Donald Trump went on with Steve Malzberg today on NewsMax TV. Donald let loose on Hillary Clinton, Megyn Kelly’s surprise vacation and Chris Wallace’s hateful tone.
trump malzberg

On Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump says, “She has bigger problems right now than running for president…She might have to get out of the race.”

Trump said the CNN story on Ailes and was wrong, “Roger KNOWS he can’t talk to me like that.”


Donald Trump also mentioned Megyn Kelly for the first time in several days. “She probably took a vacation because of me.”

And, he also took a swipe another FOX personality saying he went on Meet the Press and not FOX News Sunday because he “doesn’t like to listen to Chris Wallace’s tone and level of hatred.”

It was another terrific interview for Donald Trump.
Via NewsMax TV:

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