VIDEO=> Communist Party USA Chairman: “We Are The Progressive, Pro-Labor Wing Of The Democratic Party”


In 1919, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) was created in Chicago as a 5th Column by the U.S.S.R. in order to form “fighting organizations for seizing control of the state, for the overthrow of government and the establishment of the workers’ dictatorship.”

With the eventual collapse of Communist Russia the CPUSA needed to form new alliances with groups also hell bent on destroying the United States from within. Luckily for them, they found the Democratic Party.

During an interview with Fox News contributor Alan Colmes,CPUSA National Chariman John Bachtell stated that not only does he believe that Socialism and Communism are basically interchangeable (Communism being more of the utopian form of Socialism), but that he believes the CPUSA is the Progressive, Pro-Labor Wing of the Democratic Party:

Colmes: “Well, you’ve talked about working in the two party system. So you support Democrats for the most part? Are you supporting Bernie Sanders let’s say in this election?”

Bachtell: “Ah well, Yea we’re apart of what I kind of call the Progressive, pro-labor wing of the Democratic Party. I mean it’s no secret and we’re apart of a very broad movement of organizations: labor movements, civil rights movements, other movements, women’s movement, what not, that find their home in the Democratic Party.

Video below (Comment begins at 6:40):

(Image: Drrichswier)


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