VIDEO=> Black Women Go Off on “Weak, Worn, and Tired Out” Jeb Bush “The Joke”

Raucous Trump supporters, Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, better known as the “Stump-for-Trump Girls,” have become a YouTube sensation with their hilarious rants and staunch support for Donald Trump.

The ladies have a YouTube Channel devoted to Donald Trump for President.
stump for trump girls tree

Today Lynette and Rochelle took on Jeb Bush “the joke” for finally getting enough energy to get up and go to the US-Mexico border.


“Let me tell you who’s the joke. Jeb Bush. Yeah, I heard he went back down there to that border or by that border. Jeb, if you wanted measurements all you had to do is call Donald Trump. Why are you trying to copycat off of Donald Trump?…

Jeb… This is what you do. Go out to a desert and plant you an apple tree. And, if that apple tree grow, then maybe, perhaps you can be president in another lifetime. But in this lifetime, we don’t want you as president. We don’t want you going to the border. We want you to rest because you look weak, worn and tired out… Donald Trump, he’s speaking the truth.

The two added: Jeb Bush you are late. Donald Trump has already gone to the border to take measurements. He picked out the color and everything. He knows how he is going to get it put up.

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