UNBELIEVABLE! News Site Posts Picture of Donald Trump in CROSSHAIRS

After the 2011 shooting of Gabby Giffords, liberals immediately blamed Sarah Palin for creating a political map with crosshairs marking political districts which she hoped Republicans would win.

The map had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting. The shooter turned out to be a left wing loon who needed psychiatric help. Liberals were just politicizing the incident, as they always do.

America was then subjected to weeks of finger wagging from liberals who insisted that we needed a new tone in American politics.


This week, the news site Business Insider posted this story:

The South Carolina GOP has Trump in its crosshairs

One Twitter user caught them promoting the story with a picture of Donald Trump in crosshairs:

Is this part of the NEW TONE?

Can you even imagine what would happen if someone posted a similar picture of Hillary Clinton?

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