Two Iowa Men Arrested With Illegal Stash of Guns – Were Planning to Shoot Up Pokemon Convention (Video)

Two Iowa men were arrested by Boston police after posting threats on social media. Kevin Norton and James Stumbo were arrested on Friday with several guns in their possession.
pokemon arrests

They will appear in court today.

MyFOX Boston reported:


Two men have been arrested after allegedly threatening violence to attendees at the Pokemon World Championship in Boston.

A release from the Boston Police Department says they were notified of the social media threats on Thursday and were able to stop the two suspects as they attempted to enter the event a few hours later. The men were not arrested at that time.

Detectives discovered that the two men had driven from Iowa with several guns in their vehicle that they did not have licenses for.

After obtaining a search warrant for the vehicle, police found a 12-gauge shotgun, an AR-15, several hundred rounds of ammunition and a hunting knife.

On Friday, arrest warrants were issued for 18-year-old Kevin Norton and 27-year-old James Stumbo and the men were taken in to custody at their hotel in Saugus…

…Both men are charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and other firearm related offenses.

In a statement, the Pokemon Company said they were made aware of the threat after attendees notified them of posts on social media.

Here’s what they found in the vehicle:

This threat was posted by Stumbo on Facebook last week.
pokemon threat
It’s not clear at this point what they have against Pokemon.

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