Two Black Youths Assault Aurora Man AND His 2 Year-Old Godson During Attempted Robbery

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Two black youths assaulted and attempted to rob an Aurora man and his two year-old godson.
Who beats up a two year-old?
The Chicago Tribune reported:

Aurora man and his 2-year-old godson were assaulted by two men Sunday afternoon during a robbery attempt.

Aurora police spokesman Dan Ferrelli said the incident occurred at 3:15 p.m. near Galena Boulevard and Hopkins Avenue. Two men approached the 28-year-old and demanded he hand over his valuables.

Ferrelli said the men began to punch the man and the 2-year-old child.

Police said one of the men tried to pull a chain from the Aurora man’s neck but was unsuccessful.

Ferrelli said passers-by began to yell at the men, who ran south into a gas station parking lot, entered a red Chevrolet Monte Carlo and sped away.

Police said the man and toddler had scrapes and bruises.

The Aurora man said the attackers were black men between 16 and 20 years old. One was about 6 feet tall and skinny. He was wearing a white shirt and had small braids in his hair. The second was described as shorter and wearing a red shirt.

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