They Really Care… DNC Veterans Website Mistakes Foreign Vets for Former US Troops

The DNC had this photo on its veterans website to show how much they care about US military men and women.
obama dnc vets

The photo is Obama in Warsaw with Polish troops.

And nobody caught this for weeks.
But they really, really care.
The Military Times reported:

Democrats’ election outreach efforts to veterans may need to start with a refresher course on what U.S. troops look like.

For starters, they don’t wear Polish military uniforms.

Until Thursday, the Democratic National Committee’s “Veterans and Military Families” website had as its only picture a shot from White House photographers during President Obama’s visit to Warsaw in 2011.

The president had been cropped out, but faces of four elderly veterans wearing European-style military uniforms were visible above several paragraphs asserting the party’s “commitment to America’s veterans.” The Polish military’s White Eagle insignia was clear on the headgear of two of the veterans.

While largely harmless, the error points to a common complaint among U.S. veterans groups about the lack of knowledge of many Americans about military life, tradition and challenges


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