Staffer for Nancy Pelosi Helped Block DC Traffic at #BlackLivesMatter Protest

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a person who would willingly work for Nancy Pelosi would also be a fan of the leftist #BlackLivesMatter movement. One staffer for the former house speaker even helped block traffic in Washington, DC last weekend.

Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller reported:

Pelosi Staffer Helped Block Washington DC Highway Traffic In #BlackLivesMatter Protest

A congressional staffer for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took part in a Black Lives Matter protest that shut down traffic on I-395 in Washington D.C. Saturday.

Taylor Griffin, who is listed as a press assistant for the California Democrat, posted videos and pictures on social media of the event, which was dubbed Blackout DC.

According to the International Business Times, hundreds of protesters blocked the major highway en route to the Capitol.

As The Blaze first noted, Griffin filmed herself among other protesters walking on the highway between stalled cars chanting “black lives matter.”

Griffin was so proud of her involvement, she shared a picture on Twitter:


Isn’t it good to know some congressional staffers are making such productive use of their time?

(Image: Source)

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