St. Louis Police Sergeant Credits Bullet-Proof Vest for Saving His Life During Ambush by Street Thugs

A St. Louis Police Sergeant credited his bullet proof vest for saving his life in a July ambush.
dale wolford
23 year-old Dale Wolford, the alleged shooter, was injured during his arrest.

Four suspects were arrested after ambushing and firing shots at a St. Louis police sergeant.

The four suspects were riding in a Ford Fusion when they pulled up next to the officer. That’s when the front-seat passenger got out and fired several shots at the police sergeant.


The St. Louis police sergeant credits God for saving his life.
KSDK reported:

He was shot in the line of duty. The St. Louis police chief called it an ambush.

Sunday, the officer shot in the Central West End in July spoke for the first time on television. NewsChannel 5 interviewed the officer in silhouette and he asked that his name not be used out of concern for the safety of his family.

“It was a hot St. Louis July night like so many others I’ve worked before,” the officer recalls. But while it may have started out ordinary, his overnight shift on July 14 was nearly his last.

Working his side job providing security in the Central West End, after a long regular shift for the department, the heat was taking its toll and the officer had taken off his bullet proof vest. He had done “rounds” in the upscale entertainment district for about two hours, checking doors and locking gates, when he noticed some individuals on the street around 4:30 a.m.

“They were just walking. There was nothing particular about them but the hairs on my neck stood up,” he recalls. “And at that point there was a voice that told me grab my vest. I know it was God.” He put the vest back on and says the decision saved his life.

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