St. Louis Area Woman Criticizes Local Race Mob – Is Called ‘White Man’s Bed Wench’ (VIDEO)

Peggy Hubbard from Belleville, Illiois, across the river from St. Louis, posted this epic rant last Wednesday on the police shooting of another young black man in North St. Louis.

peggy hubbard

Peggy compared the black community’s reaction to the shooting of Mansur Ball-Bey in North St. Louis outside a crack house with the shooting death of 9 year-old Jamyla Bolden in Ferguson. Jamyla was shot dead while studying on her bed.

You trifling mother-f*ckers… There is police brutality out there. I’ll give you that. But, night after night after night, on Channel 4, Channel 2, Channel 5, Channel 30, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, murder, murder, murder, black on black murder. But yet you a$$holes are out there tearing up your own sh*t. It’s not your sh*t. It’s other people’s sh*t. For a criminal. For a thug.

THE VIDEO WENT VIRAL — Peggy has been CNN, FOX News and several radio and television stations since she posted the rant.


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Tonight Peggy Hubbard went on Hannity.
peggy hubbard stl

Hubbard told Sean about the attacks she’s endured since posting the viral video:

“I’ve been called Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, the White Man’s Bed Wench, the White Man’s Black B*tch. And, it’s not a black issue. This is not a white issue. It’s a human issue. It’s an accountability issue. It’s a responsibility issue. They made this about race. It was never about race. This was about right and wrong.

Via Hannity:

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