SPARKS FLY As Lib Activist Compares Fraudster Shaun King to Jesus ~ Featuring Dana Loesch (Video)

First there was fake Indian Elizabeth Warren.
Then there was white NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal.
Now there is Black Lives Matter phony leader Shaun King.

For years top #BlackLivesMatter agitator pretended to be black.
But he’s really a white dude.
shaun king white

Tonight Dana Loesch joined Martha MacCallum on The Kelly File to discuss the latest race-fraud in the Black Activist movement – Shaun King.


Democratic activist Andell Brown first tried to defend fraud Shaun King on the content of his character (He’s a lying fraud, Andell)

When that didn’t work he compared Shaun King to Jesus(?)
Just Wow.

Conservative Dana Loesch let him have it.

Via The Kelly File:

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