SICK: Planned Parenthood Paid Out Bonuses for Donated Aborted Baby Organs

Business is Business–
Planned Parenthood employees received bonuses for every woman they convinced of donating her aborted baby organs.

The Daily Caller reported:

Abby Johnson quit her job as a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic director in 2009 after witnessing an ultrasound abortion. This is how she and her co-workers would convince women to donate their aborted babies for research, and, she says, profit from their consent.

“We never discussed, [researchers] may want just a leg, or an arm, or these specific organs,” Johnson told The Daily Signal in an interview published Monday. “That would create a sense of humanity in their unborn child.” (RELATED: Jindal Threatens Planned Parenthood: ‘Better Hope That Hillary Clinton Wins’)

“And really, we would even shy away from calling it fetal tissue research because just calling it tissue sanitizes it — the women don’t necessarily think about the body of their baby, they’re just thinking about blood and tissue.”

She and her co-workers received a bonus of between $5 and $20 for every woman they personally convinced to donate to the clinic, depending on the value of that particular unborn baby. Once the woman agreed to have an abortion and signed the paperwork, clinic staff would bring up a “research opportunity.

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