SHOCK VIDEO=> US Customs Detains, Harasses James O’Keefe – Grills Him on Donald Trump

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In recent years the government has gone to extremes to bully everyday Americans and whistleblowers from speaking out against corruption. From the targeting of Tea Party groups and conservative donors to the lawsuits against poverty nuns over birth control  the government has harassed and abused its citizenry.

In June investigative journalist James O’Keefe was detained by U.S. customs agents after arriving at the airport in Nassau, Bahamas en route to Miami. The agents told him then he was being detained for crossing back and forth across the US-Mexico border in Texas dressed like Osama bin Laden.

Customs agents targeted O’Keffe because Project Veritas embarrassed them with past videos, exposing government corruption and extreme incompetence.

On July 14, 2015, James O’Keefe was once again harassed and detained by US Customs after returning to the US from Canada. This time agents detained James  for over an hour. The US agents told O’Keefe he was targeted because of his journalism.  And they even asked him about his support for Donald Trump.
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The federal website described James as an “amateur reporter engaged in publicity stunts.” O’Keefe now has confirmation that they are actually looking at a screen that tells them the journalism that Project Veritas has reported and shows that they are retaliating against him.

James has repeatedly embarrassed US Customs.  In response, they are now going after him.

This time in Montreal James recorded the encounter to prove the harassment and abuse:

US Customs Agent: So you’re a reporter for who?

James O’Keefe: I started my own media company. It’s called Project Veritas and we do sort of investigative documentary films exposing hypocrisy and corruption.

US Customs Officer Ms. Blaire-Bechstead: Within the government, within big corporate companies?

James O’Keefe: Mostly within the government, actually.

US Customs Officer Blaire-Bechstead: So how long have you had your own media company?

James was even asked about how Project Veritas makes money:

US Customs: Do you make money off the YouTube hits or…?

James O’Keefe: We’re a non-profit charitable foundation.

US Customs: So you don’t have ads on your YouTube hits at all?

James O’Keefe: Not yet. I’m thinking about putting them on there.

That’s when the conversation turned to presidential politics. James says he as so flabbergasted by the question that he couldn’t even form a coherent response.

Customs Officer Mr. Creelman: Would you really support Trump as a nominee?

James O’Keefe: I cant, I can’t even…

Officer Creelman: Who do you want it to be?

James O’Keefe: I don’t really endorse politicians, for, you know, anything.

Finally a supervisor came and let James go – after more than an hour of being detained and questioned.

James reported that the government officials were actually looking at a screen that told them about the news items Project Veritas has released. They are targeting him because of the scandal he has exposed. James O’keefe hopes this video will ignite a new movement of citizen journalists who will boldly stand up and say, “enough is enough!”

Here is James O’Keefe’s latest investigative report:

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