Sheriff Rips ‘Out of Control Rhetoric’ of Black Lives Matter After Deputy Executed

Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman made a statement on Saturday criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement saying ‘this rhetoric is out of control. Hickman added, “Let’s drop this and say All Lives Matter.”

Hickman was speaking about the assassination of Deputy Darren Goforth, 47, a ten-year veteran who was shot execution style Friday night while pumping gas in his squad car while wearing his uniform. A witness said a ‘dark skinned’ man in his early twentties with short hair approached Goforth from behind, shooting him once in the head and then standing over the fallen officer and firing several more shots at the deputy.

A person of interest was taken in to custody overnight, however it was announced Saturday afternoon the suspect was still at large.


Harris County Sheriff Deputy and Killer ABC13
Slain Deputy Darren Goforth and his alleged killer, photos from HCSO via ABC13.

“”This rhetoric is out of control. I know #BlackLivesMatter, so do our lives. Let’s drop this and say ‘#AllLivesMatter'””

“This is a time for the entire community to come together as one. #AllLivesMatter We thank you for your prayers & support.”

“#BlueLivesMatter. #BlackLivesMatter. All #LivesMatter. #HouNews”

Breitbart News Texas reported that earlier this week Black radicals in Texas called for the killing of police and white people.

“The execution of the deputy came just days after black radicals went on an internet radio show hosted from Texas and called for the lynching of white people and the killing of cops to “turn the tide” against blacks being killed by cops. Breitbart Texas reported on Friday morning the details of the radio show and the comments that were made.”

“One black man spoke up saying they needed to kill “cops that are killing us. The other black male on the show said, “That will be the best method right there.””

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