Rush Limbaugh Caller Inadvertently Admits Planned Parenthood Kills Babies and Stuffs Them into Bags (VIDEO)

Guest post by Mara

Another Planned Parenthood video was released yesterday in which babies fully developed babies are being harvested for their organs.

Once again, the Planned Parenthood official discusses selling human baby organs over lunch.
melissa planned parenthood


A caller into Rush Limbaugh’s show Tuesday claimed his wife works for Planned Parenthood. The man, named “Chris”, inadvertently admitted that Planned Parenthood kills babies and stuffs them in bags.

But according to the caller, it’s okay since they do more than just kill babies and throw them into bags.

“I just don’t think all the facts are straight. Planned Parenthood does a lot of good things and not baby killings and now, I guess, throwing fetuses into bags.

So a supporter of Planned Parenthood admits the group is just killing babies.
And he has no problem with murder.
What sick people.

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