Hilarious!… Black Women Take on Hillary: Where the Hell Are Those Emails? (VIDEO)

The two ladies from The Viewers View took down Megyn Kelly in an epic rant last week.

Well they’re back and going after Hillary Clinton and her lost emails.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson released a new video calling out Hillary Clinton on her lost emails.
emails hillary

“They’re looking for those emails, y’all, and they can’t find them. Uh-oh, this sounds like a job for the sisters. Now where would she hide those emails? Did they check her mail box? You know that’s where all the mail come. What about the shoe boxes under her bed? You know we always have a shoebox under the bed with something in it. What about a safe deposit box?

“Oh my goodness, what about The First 48? It only takes them 48 hours to solve a case… Something don’t smell right. Where are those dog-gone emails at?

“I wonder if she called Spike Lee? So he could tell her to ‘Do the Right Thing!” (laughter)

What about the funeral home? You don’t think she buried those emails, do you?

This went on for another three minutes.
It is hilarious!

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