Ron Fournier on Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal: “She Might Pay a Big Price Criminally” (VIDEO)

Liberal reporter and former Clinton supporter Ron Fournier called yesterday’s Clinton press conference one of the worst of all-time by a Clinton.


Fournier went on The Morning Joe today to discuss the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Fournier says she might pay a big price criminally.

RON FOURNIER: I know here’s what’s going to happen. The FBI is looking into this. The same person who prosecuted Petraeus is looking into this. Coincidentally, the same person who represented Petraeus is now representing Hillary Clinton. She’s paying a big price politically. And she might pay a big price criminally.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I will tell you just for people at home that are wondering, well gee, is this partisan. I don’t think anybody thinks this is partisan anymore, cause the FBI. I can tell you I get flooded with e-mails and if you want to know where a collection of gasps came up during Hillary Clinton’s e-mail conference, I mean the conference? The White House. The White House, people working in the White House cannot believe she keeps saying that this was okay with the White House, that this was okay according to the law. They cannot believe it. Inside the Obama White House that she continues to act this way.

Via NewsBusters:

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