Radical Islamist and #BlackLivesMatter Agitator Umar Lee Gets Fired After Latest Dust-Up With Law

In October 2014, radical Islamist Umar Lee promised Islamic jihad against the Ferguson police department.

Muslim Umar Lee was arrested in Ferguson Missouri in September.
Umar Lee once threatened to behead his critics and watch them squeal “like Daniel Pearl.”
umar lee

On Monday after several months of protesting and disrupting the peace in the St. Louis area Umar Lee was fired from his job after another public disturbance this weekend.


The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported:

St. Louis activist/cabbie Umar Lee says Laclede Cab Co. has fired him for his social-justice activities.

About 2 p.m. Monday, Lee posted the following on Twitter: “Responding to right-wing trolls @LacledeCab fired me today. There is no job that is worth me surrendering my freedom of speech.”

The dismissal comes after Lee was featured in a Post-Dispatch story about a neighborhood dispute in St. Charles County. Lee believes the dispute is racially driven and became involved in documenting it.

Lee also was a familiar figure over the last year at protests in Ferguson following the killing of Michael Brown last August.

He said company officials had previously expressed their opposition to his visible involvement and had warned him about taking part in protests and taking his cab to them. “So I started parking it blocks away,” Lee said Monday.

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