Progressive Wingnut: Electing Bernie Sanders Will Prevent a BLOODY REVOLUTION

Bernie Sanders

A recent op-ed from the Wisconsin based Cap Times reveals a window into the mind of progressives. Apparently, all the horrible changes provided by Obama over the last seven years haven’t been good enough.

Also, a bloody revolution might happen if we don’t elect Bernie Sanders.

This is rich:


Bernie Sanders can help avert a bloody revolution by creating a nonviolent one

I think our nation is broken. If you think so too, let’s fight back!

Our nation is comprised of our people, plus political, economic, religious and social systems. I don’t think our people are broken — suppressed and depressed yes, but not broken.

It is a different matter for our “systems.” Politics is a cesspool of corruption. Our economic system is full of hardworking workers and greed-driven, self-centered leaders like the Koch brothers. Our religious system appears to have developed the ability to segregate out of its collective mind war, the poor, suppressed black- and brown- skinned peoples. Our social systems accept that it is impolite to talk about war, politics, economics and the “u” word — unions. The phrase “sold a batch of bad goods” is pertinent here if you just exchange “goods” for “ideas.”

For those of us trying to fight back on issue after issue, we find it is like weeding a 100-acre garden: Each day we get up there are more weeds to pull.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and their boys popped us into a grand “war on terror” that has nearly broken our soldiers and brought death, starvation, wounds, sickness, homelessness and broken economies/social systems to nations like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria across the world. The more we fight, the more we lose.

You can read the rest here.

What would happen if a Tea Party member wrote an op-ed threatening a “bloody revolution” would occur if America didn’t elect a conservative candidate for president?

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