Peaceful Protests: Ferguson Police Vehicle Has Window Shot Out During Anniversary Protests

At least one person was injured in a shooting outside a Family Dollar store in Ferguson last night.

Protesters gathered Saturday night in a week of planned protests on the anniversary of the shooting death of robber Michael Brown.

One police vehicle had its window shot out while driving southbound on West Florissant.
KMOV reported:


A shooting and a police car window was smashed during two separate incidents in Ferguson.

A man is recovering in the hospital after he was shot in the arm around midnight on Saturday. The shooting occurred near West Florissant and Ferguson Ave.

Police are still working to figure out details but the suspect is in custody and the victim is in stable condition.

The rear window of an unmarked Florissant Police Department vehicle was shattered while driving southbound on W. Florissant before Ferguson Ave.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says the window was shot out:

An evening of peaceful protests in Ferguson abruptly shifted to violence just before midnight when a man was shot near the Family Dollar store on West Florissant Avenue.

The rear window of an unmarked police vehicle also was shattered, apparently by a bullet.

The Saturday night gunfire sent chaos through a large group that had gathered to commemorate Michael Brown, who was killed a year ago this weekend.

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